**All events begin at 8PM

Mon 9/16/13 INFO
Wallwork G98

Tues 9/17/13 INFO
Wallwork G98

Wed 9/18/13 Dinner and Games
Stephenson G41

Thurs 9/19/13 Minute to Win It
Wallwork G98

What is Phi Sigma Pi?

   Phi Sigma Pi takes the best attributes from an honor society, a service fraternity and a social fraternity and blends them into one organization different from all others. Phi Sigma Pi does not fit the typical mold. We defy typical categorization. Phi Sigma Pi is progressive and breaks with tradition.

  Phi Sigma Pi is an organization of uncommon distinction. We are an organization that "has it all"... that gives both male and female students a diverse and fulfilling collection of opportunities.

Phi Sigma Pi can be summarized by the following 5 values:

  We promote learning and achievement – We are an organization of high achievers who yearn for self-improvement. Membership requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, but that is only the beginning. We encourage activities that expose our members to new experiences, situations and information. We also provide members the opportunity to apply for fraternity scholarships. Membership in Phi Sigma Pi is an honor and a mark of distinction that recognizes a commitment to past, present and future academic excellence.

  We embrace diversity – We are an inclusive organization. We are stronger due to the men and women from numerous ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds that comprise the membership of our 100+ chapters nationwide.

  We value helping others – We believe in giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. Through our national philanthropy, Teach For America, and through local chapter charities we give of our time and energies to improve humankind.

  We cultivate future leaders – We expose our members to situations that build their skills as leaders. We place people in positions of responsibility. We give people opportunities to organize projects and events. We advance their ability to work together in teams for the benefit of the greater good.

  We build lifelong friendships – We know how to have fun. We believe in balancing work and effort with relaxation and enjoyment. We encourage trips, theme parties and other social events that foster fellowship. We also find fellowship through working together to organize academic and service projects. We work hard, but we also treasure the time we set aside for our members to connect, share, laugh and cultivate friends for life. It is for this reason we are a fraternity and not a society.

  Phi Sigma Pi is a fraternity because we embrace the concept of "Brotherhood". Brotherhood is belonging. It's knowing that someone will be there when you need to talk. It's knowing your concerns will be met with genuine interest. It's knowing that people will step forward to support and help you when you need it most. It's being able to be yourself and knowing that you are accepted for who you are. It's knowing that you have a network of friends who will be there throughout your college years and professional career.

  Our members are called "Brothers" regardless of their gender. Brotherhood is fostered by sharing common goals and common experiences. We view each person as an integral part of the extended Phi Sigma Pi family, the key word being family. Phi Sigma Pi becomes a second home for students, a home comprised of a group of people that respect, trust, value and appreciate each other. Brotherhood becomes a bond that lasts long after graduation.

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